Step-by-Step 3D Printing Your Own In-Office Clear Aligners

New Volume 2 - Includes Fast Track Clear Aligners Course & 3D Printing Techniques to Produce In-Office Aligners

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New Volume 2! Volume 2 highlights new software options for in-office clear aligners and updates the current software options. In the latest update, we now cover advanced techniques with attachments, pontics, and creating aligners with edentulous spaces. Additionally, explore remote monitoring with Dental Monitoring to limit in-office visits!

Are you interested in getting into clear aligner therapy but unsure if they really work? Are you a general dentist interested in getting into orthodontics but not know where to start? Are you an orthodontist ready to reduce you clear aligner laboratory bill? Do you want to be able to 3D print your own aligners in-office affordably?

This innovative and exciting covers diagnosis and treatment planning, how to get started with clear aligner laboratories, the differences in technology, step-by-step clinical procedures from taking records to delivering aligners and monitoring your patients until case completion. This course includes the "Fast Track Clear Aligners" entire curriculum including: the basics to getting you started with clear aligner treatment using traditional and digital methods for recording taking, step-by-step clinical and laboratory workflows, insurance/billing and growing your clear aligner practice through innovative marketing strategies. In addition, this online course features in-office 3D printing in-office (DIY) clear aligners. Create your own branded in-house clear aligners by designing and 3D printing your aligner cases. We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

The clear aligner course is eligible for up to 33 hours of continuing education credits.

This course utilizes learning skills and educational content that is 50% projection slides and 50% video-based education. We emphasize simulated "LIVE" video-based techniques to demonstrate step-by-step clinical procedures including: impressions, digital scanning, bonding attachments, interproximal reduction (IPR), monitoring and troubleshooting steps, refinement and revision for case finishing, removing attachments and polishing, and placing the patient in retention. Additionally, the in-office aligner modules include step-by-step aligner software featuring ArchForm, Blue Sky Bio, and uLab, 3D printing your own models on Sprintray Pro, Formlabs, and Nextdent printers, and vacuum forming, trimming, and finishing your cases.

To receive the best education possible, this course is broken down into 8 sections:

Section I: Introduction to Clear Aligner Therapy, Principles of Tooth Movement, Identifying Aligner Cases and How to Work With Aligner Manufacturing

Covering the basics of clear aligner treatment, including identifying cases in your practice, diagnosis and treatment planning, and reviewing aligner brand options.

Topics include:

  • Historical Overview of Clear Aligners
  • Introduction of Aligner Terminology Unique to Clear Aligners
  • Goals of Aligner Treatment
  • Introduction to Orthodontics and How Teeth Move
  • Fundamentals of Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • Identifying Cases in Your Practice
  • Comparison of Major Clear Aligner Laboratories and Production Methods

Section II: Taking Records, Diagnosis & Treatment Cases, Submitting and Reviewing Cases

Focuses on step-by-step procedures related to record making and taking including charting, photography, x-ray options, analog and digital impressions and submitting cases to clear aligner laboratories.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Records Necessary for Aligner Therapy
  • Comprehensive Overview and Clinical Demonstration of Photography Techniques
  • Making Perfect PVS Impressions Even Align Will Accept
  • 2-Phase Impression Techniques
  • Digital Technology & Scanning Technology for Making Aligner Treatment Simple
  • Uploading Cases to Invisalign and ClearCorrect and Evaluating Treatment Setups

Section III: Receiving Cases, Delivering Aligners, Placing Engagers, Performing IPR, Monitoring Treatment, Treatment Revision, Treatment Completion & Retention

A comprehensive review and clinical step-by-step procedural based education focusing on receiving cases in your office, unboxing, placing engagers/attachments, IPR, treatment in ideal cases, and mid-course correction during when treatment doesn't go perfectly.

Topics include:

  • Invisalign and ClearCorrect Unboxing Cases and Preparing for Starting Treatment
  • Delivering Your First Aligner - Clinical Step-By-Step Procedures
  • Use of Treatment Auxiliaries
  • Bonding Attachments - Clinical Techniques
  • Attachments: Size, Shape, and Use
  • Interproximal Reduction Protocols and Step-by-Step
  • Successful Treatment with Clear Aligners
  • Monitoring Treatment and Troubleshooting When Teeth Don't Move
  • Finishing Treatment and Retention
  • Make Your Own Clear Retainers

Section IV: Business Skills For Incorporating Aligners Into Practice

This section is a great way to get started with growing your practice and getting ready for doing more clear aligners. Preparing the office for both the clinician and teams to do more aligner treatment!

Topics include:

  • Choosing Treatment Options
  • Setting Fees for Clear Aligner Treatment
  • Overview of Insurance Benefits and Billing
  • CDT Codes for Orthodontics & Aligners
  • Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice
  • Case Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork Approach in Clear Aligner Practice
  • Remote Monitoring with Dental Monitoring

Section V: Case Gallery

Clear Aligners ROCK! This section highlights some of the cases and clinical conditions where clear aligner therapy is perfect. Emphasis is placed on great starting cases and treatment appropriate for your first case.

Section VI: Introduction to In-Office Aligner Therapy

This section introduces and lays the foundation for how in-office aligner systems are made, they way they work, and approaches to implementing in a general practice or orthodontics practice! We also discuss why in-office aligners help rescue cases done by major laboratories and how to brand your in-office aligner systems!

Topics include:

  • In-Office Clear Aligner Workflows
  • Staging Production of Aligners
  • Tracking Cases
  • Identifying Key Team Members for Producing Aligners
  • Using In-Office Aligners When Big Labs Don't Work
  • Case Revisions When Cases Aren't Tracking Well
  • Case-Presentation Skills

Section VII: Laboratory and Software Workflows for In-Office Aligners

Choosing the right software, laboratory equipment, and laboratory systems before jumping into in-office aligners is key! This captivating section of the online course covers the fundamental equipment needed, material choices for aligner trays, attachment templates, and retainers, and step-by-step software designing clear aligner cases!

Topics include:

  • What Equipment Do I Need to Purchase?
  • Designing Efficient In-Office Production Areas
  • What Vacuum Forming Material is Best for In-Office Aligners?
  • What Software Can We Use to Design Aligners Cases?
  • Step-by-Step with ArchForm software
  • Step-by-Step with Blue Sky Bio software
  • Step-by-Step with uLab software
  • Step-by-Step with Carestream Model+
  • Step-by-Step using eXceed
  • Creating Pontics with uLab
  • Creating Refinement Aligners with Carestream Model+
  • Outsourcing design for 3D printing and in-office aligner production

Section VIII: Step-by-Step Laboratory Techniques for In-Office Aligner Fabrication

The secrets of in-office aligner production covered in detail step-by-step! This amazing section gets down to the details and workflows used to 3D Print dental models, cleaning and light curing the models, vacuum forming aligners, attachment trays, retainers, trimming and polishing, and delivering to the patent.

Topics include:

  • How Does 3D Printing Work and What Printers are Available for Aligners?
  • What Resins Can we Use for 3D Printing?
  • Cleaning, Post-Processing, and Light Curing Aligner Models
  • Printing Aligner Models with the Sprintray Pro 3D Printer
  • Printing Aligner Models with the Formlabs 3D Printer
  • Printing Aligner Models with the Nextdent 3D Printer
  • Printing Stacked Models with the Nextdent 3D Printer
  • Vacuum Forming for Attachment Templates
  • Vacuum Forming for Aligner Trays
  • Trimming & Polishing Techniques
  • Fabricating Aligners with Pontics
  • Fabricating Aligners with Edentulous Spaces
  • Packaging Aligners
  • Delivering In-Office Aligners

Fast Track Dental

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9/1/2020 to 8/31/2022.
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Melissa D Shotell, DMD, MS
Melissa D Shotell, DMD, MS

Dr. Melissa Shotell is a Board Certified Orthodontist and practices in a multi-specialty practice in Sonora, CA focusing on the interplay of Orthodontics and restorative treatment. Dr. Shotell received her DMD at Nova Southeastern University and advanced hospital training a General Practice Residency Certificate from The Ohio State University. After spending years in general practice treating a broad range of patients, Dr. Shotell returned to complete a certificate and master’s degree in Orthodontics from Loma Linda University. At Loma Linda University, Dr. Shotell focused her training on cutting-edge three dimensional imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment planning for interdisciplinary dentistry. Dr. Shotell considers education to be her passion and regularly consults and lectures on dental technology, clear aligner therapy, orthodontics, office efficiency and workflow, and teamwork.

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  Section VIII: Step-by-Step In-Office Aligner Laboratory Fabrication
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